Holiapp.me - The first such platform that offers courses in holistic medicine!

Discover with us a holistic approach to health - find a course for yourself and gain valuable knowledge without leaving your home!

We believe that holistic medicine is the future, which is why our mission is to promote natural methods of treatment and facilitate access to valuable content provided by experienced experts.

We made such assumptions by creating the holiapp.me platform - a place where you can deepen your knowledge and practice the acquired skills, all of which will be crowned with a certificate!

Holiapp.me was created for everyone who is interested in holistic medicine, also for Chinese Medicine therapists, physiotherapists, cosmetologists and other specialists looking for alternative methods of supporting health

What can you find on our platform?

On our platform you will find e-courses, webinars and interviews in the field of Chinese Medicine, physiotherapy, natural cosmetology, meditation, proper nutrition and many more.

In the content we propose, we focus on a holistic approach to health and life, including the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Go to holiapp.me and choose something for yourself.

We also encourage you to check out our free video content.

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