Holiapp is the work of TCM Brand, which was established in 2015 as an eCommerce startup.

Today, TCM Brand promotes Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Medicine. We run one of the most popular blogs about Chinese Medicine and organize a community of Natural Medicine enthusiasts in Poland.

As an organization, we found ourselves in the turquoise current of management. We believe that trust, common goal and mission should fully replace control and supervision, therefore we have adopted this mode of work.

We form a young, well-coordinated team and work together to promote a holistic approach to life and health.

Our passion for Traditional Chinese Medina pushed us towards creating the Holiapp platform, where anyone interested can easily and quickly find valuable content - e-courses, webinars and interviews conducted by experienced experts.

If you want to start your adventure with holistic medicine, are looking for valuable knowledge, want to become a therapist or learn new methods of treatment - register for free on holiapp.me and start using all the platform's functionalities!

If you are a therapist who helps others in a natural way and you want to share your knowledge - please contact us for cooperation!

We invite all enthusiasts of a natural approach to health!

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Address for correspondence:

                                                 Winnicka 52
                                                 30-394 Kraków

Company's data:

                                                TCM Brand Sp. z o.o.
                                                Winnicka 52
                                                30-394 Kraków
                                                TAX No. PL 676 24 90 342
                                                KRS 0000565755
                                                REGON 36199525600000

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